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Vivi // pirates life for me

Sorry folks, this journal is friends only! If you would like to be added, please comment! Please include who you are and where I know you from if your journal name is not obvious.

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Zidane // hand in hole
Hey, hey! Guess what, guys! If you have this journal friended still, it's not being used. I know, surprising, right? Not that I can say my new one is really being used either because I've discovered this fabulous invention known as plurk.

But I'm done being a whiny bitch and hiding away and if you've seen me around the RP communities you likely already know my journal is now powernaps. So feel free to go on and friend me, if you don't. And don't worry, I won't be offended if no one does.

All new contact info is up there somewhere, because ha ha ha I don't remember the last time I logged into aim.

Ema // oh dear...
I'm not sure if this will do me any good, but I'm selling some of my manga. Or at least going to try to. If you or anyone you know would be interested in any of these. I might make a list again later but this is all I've got right now that I'm willing to give up. I think I might have more things in the top of my closet.

Pretty much no price on anything... just... make an offer if you're interested. Within reason, of course. I keep all my manga in really good condition. At most they're a little yellow from age.

Chobits (Complete) 1-8
Angelic Layer (Complete) 1-5
Pita-Ten (Complete) 1-7
Tsubasa 1-7
xxxHolic 1-7
Love Hina 1-4
Ceres Celestial Legand/Ayashi no Ceres 1-11
(one volume short of incomplete OTL)
Paradise Kiss (Complete) 1-5

If you're somewhere close or will be at Ikasucon I can have someone get it to you. Otherwise I'll unfortunately have to have to charge the amount to send it out.

Stay tuned for: Wigs and other costumy things it's time to get rid of.

Liz // SRS BIZ
Take a good look around
Does life really suck
Are we just complaining
I hope that this mic is on (testing 1, 2)
Cuz im on a roll here
I hope this is making some sense
I hope that you’ll throw up your hands and sing it
And tell all the haters that they should just shut up and smile, yeah

Sail around the world and tell them all to keep singing it
all we needs a harmony and we’ll convince the world to sing
throw your arms around someone
maybe spread a little love
I know it sounds a little dumb (or maybe I’m a little drunk)
But all we need is some ice cream

Yes, I stole your song Sair. But right now I'm totally feeling this song.

I'm so tired of so much bs all over the place ever.

All we need is love and beer.

Might as well
Wang Fire // how does that make you feel

Something between spring and winter cleaning, hmm?
Namine // painted red
I think I'm going to spend this weekend cleaning out and organizing things.

That said, if I have anything that belongs to someone else and they would like it back, please let me know here. I'll try and get it to them within the week.

I have some clothes that don't fit me as well that I wouldn't mind giving away. Most are small-medium shirts from when my boobs weren't ginormous. I'll likely have other things I intend to get rid of.

Natalie, I have your Apollo vest. If you don't want it back Crystal's getting it. I also have a bunch of your manga (Card Captor Sakura, Pet Shop of Horrors and I think I have your X/1999 anime and is Prince of Gay Tennis yours or Crystal's?). Do you want me to hold on to it still or give it back to you asap?

Leaving this public... just in case

because I have no life
Vivi // pirates life for me

BRB FOR THE NEXT WEEK WHILE I PLAY AA:I (Spoilerfree save for random inane facts)
Maya // so hungry

I'm still on the first case.

So far all I can think is:

Omg this game is really, really gay.

We need a Maggey and Edgeworth in Discedo so they can all fangirl over Edgeworth together.

and I WISH I WOULD HAVE KNOWN THAT a) Detectives are indeed issued guns an AAverse (hey, it was vague, okay? that and I never thought the words Gumshoe and gun in the same sentence was a very good idea). I would have had Ema bring it into the city rather than get one from inventory or hand wave that I totally forgot to mention she has two pairs of handcuffs. and b) Detectives are considered partners. All I can think of is FUCK YEAH and ... poor Ema. It explains a lot. Really.

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Vivi // pirates life for me
The How's My Driving? Meme

HNGHHH YESSSSS! Not on page 100 for once.

I swear I'll have something other than a meme either later tonight or tomorrow.
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Vivi // pirates life for me
"OMG I LOVE YOUR _____": A RP Meme D'Amour : My Thread

Ftttt. Yeah. Life? What's that?

I swear to god I'll post something that's not a meme later this week.

edit: oh look another one

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